Our Centre Will Remain Open

The building is not closing!

The Judy Dan Research & Treatment Center and our office will remain in the Branson building. We are a charitably funded and operated clinic and we are committed to remaining in this building to treat our patients.

The only services leaving the Branson building over the next two years, are those belonging to North York General Hospital. North York General hospital leases the spaces in this building from Advent Health Care and the lease is expiring in 2019. After this date, Advent will assume management and operations of the building.

We are confident that North York General Hospital’s relocation of their services will not impact our ability to continue to provide top quality care to your patients.

We will continue to be one of the largest hyperbaric facilities in North America, committed to improving the quality of life of our patients by providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Health Canada approved conditions including wound care. We will continue to provide advanced wound care, using state of the art medical technology and conduct research.

For more information please contact our office.