Advanced Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care

At the Judy Dan Research & Treatment Centre, we combine hyperbaric oxygen therapy with onsite state-of-the-art, leading edge advanced wound care.

Our Centre utilizes:

  1. Transcutaneous Oximetry to determine the oxygen levels surrounding patient’s wounds and if these wounds will respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  2. Laser Doppler Ultrasound to determine the severity of tissue ischemia (lack of blood flow) and the severity of peripheral vascular disease.
  3. MolecuLight imaging to detect the presence of bacteria in wounds
  4. Laser wound Photography, documentation and measurements
  5. Laser Thermography to detect inflammation, infection and changes in circulation
    Infra-Red Imaging to help detect deep tissue infections and osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  6. Ultrasonic Debriding to remove non-viable tissue from wounds

Combining hyperbaric oxygen with advanced wound care enables us to achieve a 75% success rate in healing diabetic and non-diabetic wounds that would otherwise result in limb amputations.

Our success in treating late stage radiation injuries, resulting from cancer treatments, is greater than 90%.